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Education: Smart Girls Rock!

Knowledge is Power!

Teaching girls the importance of a well-rounded education. Particular emphasis is placed on the Arts, Technology, Science and Global Business.

Educational Programs:

  • $ Matters (understanding global financial logistics, investments, savings)

  • Young Inventors and Innovators (programs to encourage and develop future world leaders)

  • Expressive Journal (develop your personal self and purpose via artistic expression and writing)

Environment: Planet Rock!

LOVE 4 the Earth, ACCEPTANCE 4 Diversity and PEACE 4 the Future

Bridging the gaps of cultural diversity and philosophies while preserving and celebrating our beautiful earth.


Environmental Program:

  • Green W/ Envy®  (emphasizes recycling, gardening, eating healthy and conservation)

  • Kulture Shock! Live, Learn, Love… embrace our differences. Exposure to the world allows us to take responsibility for it. )

  • Care 4 Community (extensive volunteer program with emphasis on senior facilities, children’s hospitals and conservation efforts)

Etiquette: GIRL Power Rocks!

Girls Eventually Become Women

Personal Development & Social Health


Etiquette Programs:

  • The GIRL Factor (understanding the responsibility, potential and power of being female)

  • Self-Development 101 (it’s all about ME)

  • What’s really going on??? (peer and societal issues)

  • Bridging the Gaps (parent/family relationship building and resolutions – reconnection seminars for teens/tweens)

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