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Homecoming Week: Make it Memorable!

After all the back to school jitters have settled, it only gets more exciting when it's time for Homecoming Week! Having trouble ramping up your school spirit? Never fear! From costumes to game day splendor, we've got you covered to have fun and celebrate your school with pride! We were given a prompt to dress up for each day, so we had to come to school dressed like whatever the concept was for the day. All of our outfits were put together right at home! If you have school spirit, any outfit can look like a masterpiece!

Homecoming Week was a blast! Here was our themes: Day 1: Student Teacher Swap Day 👩‍🏫👩‍🎓 Day 2: Family Day (Seniors were Senoir Citizens) 👵👴 Day 3: ESPN 🎾 Day 4: Space Day 🌞🌚 (we were Sun and Moon) What's was/is your Homecoming theme? #globalgoddess4girls #homecoming #hocoweek #hoco #lhs #lassiterhigh #gotrojans #schoolspirit

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