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"A Little Girl's Problem, Can Become Her Big Issue as a Woman." - Gigi W. Franklin

GiGi W. Franklin

A little bit about GiGi… Ms. W. Franklin brings to the dance floor a wealth of experience. Not only is she an award winning international professional choreographer, master dance instructor and a successful entrepreneur; she is also a published author, accredited playwright, motivational speaker and global humanitarian. Some of her professional repertoire includes Carnival Cruise Lines, the legendary Ben Vereen, JCC Maccabi Games, Chicago Theater Co., Jackie Taylor’s Black Ensemble Theater, the Lisa Lopes Foundation, numerous Broadway plays and original works.
GiGi is not only the founder and CEO of GG’s Global Dance & Arts, but she also hails the same title for the parent brand, Global Goddess Exp, Inc.; the subsidiary Red Hot Mamaz, as well as the non-profit component, Global Goddess 4 Girls (501C3). The Global Goddess is also a certified life coach whose emphasis is to help you develop strategies through creative mind, body and spirit. Tools, guides, techniques and classes help to ultimately bring personal balance, a joyful life and ultimately, universal wellness and inner peace.
Although she has traveled the world, GiGi is a long time resident of Cobb County, and enriches the lives of others through business, politics, education and community service. Her passion and expertise of global dance, art, music, fashion, dinning and basic commodities is something that she has a desire to share.
GiGi and her team are excited to provide a myriad of dance styles, linguistics, cultural immersion courses, special events, etiquette classes, global workshops, and more. There is something for everyone! From Brazilian Samba, Latin Fever, Urban Hip Hop, Country Two Step, and even Vegas Showgirl!  As both a business professional and mom, she brings networking events, corporate team building opportunities and believes in always having “me-time” in a Yoga, meditation or stretch class. “Always take time to breathe and BE…”
Here’s your personal invitation from GiGi…
Pick a destination, embrace the adventure and join us as we “Live the Experience!”

Mizzani Walker

Executive Director

As head of the Cultural Immersion Series and a speaker of several foreign languages, Mizzani is looking forward to exploring other cultures with you!  Currently a Systems Engineering major at Kennesaw State University, Mizzani has been blazing a trail of outstanding academic and community achievement since a young age.  She is the President of Green with ENVI, as well as the President and Outreach Director of Global Goddess 4 Girls.

Mizzani made the President’s List at KSU in 2015, and has been a NASA Scholar since 2014, where she is the coordinator of Academic Enrichment, and was the Coordinator of Community Outreach from 2014-2015.  Mizzani is currently a Student/Faculty Technological Support Assistant for the University Information Technology Services.


Zoe & Cloe Franklin

Junior Executive Directors

Zoe and Cloe are double the determination! As teenage girls living in an ever-changing world, Zoe and Cloe strive to educate and mentor others with a first eye view perspective about learning, living and growing up. As the daughters of a female entrepreneur, Zoe and Cloe follow in their mother, GiGi W. Franklin's footsteps as Junior Executive Directors. The twins not only oversee social media and operations, but they are also professional hostesses and event planners. Zoe and Cloe are both honors students at Lassiter High School. As rising Seniors, they hope to inspire their peers and create an impact in their generation.

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